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EOY – Its unavoidable

1 month to go and lots to plan for. Here are some things to consider as we enter June so that you can be on top of your game preparing for EOY.

  • Have you got all your receipts for large ticket items (purchases of cars , equipment etc)

  • Forgotten any sales that may have slipped through the cracks that are yet to be invoiced?

  • Is your bank rec up to date? Balance it now.

  • Got all those important papers for your accountant? Importing documentation, new loan documentation?

  • Consider booking an appointment with your bookkeeper now – allocate tasks and set milestone dates.

Need help? We LOVE reconciling bank accounts that haven’t been reconciled since the dark ages. We love trawling through accounting software tidying things up. The more we can help you tidy up we guarantee the less your accountancy fees will be.

Get in touch!

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